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Hi to everyone! I am anemic with a ferritin of 5. Hemoglobin on the lower range, but not blood transfussion worthy yet. Anyhow, had my Venofer infusion yesterday and all did not go well. I will try not to bore you with the details, but the IV was fine until the Venofer started then my arm got so sore and that continued. My hand was starting to swell and that went on for a while. At about 3/4 of the bag, I started to have back and chest pain which at first I thought it was from the recliner. It was a 4 hour infusion. It progressed and they called the doc. He stopped the Venofer and gave me tylenol. Then I went to the restroom and realized I had hives on my face and my neck and back. They put 25 mg of benadryl in the line. My hand was still swelling. Then I had put my feet on the floor for a bit and realized my left foot was burning and pulled up my pant leg and my leg was red and swollen. Pulled off my sock and my foot was red and purple. The right foot was the same only not as bad, but hives down the back of both legs. Then they put 30 mg of steroid into my line. Eventually I was released.

The joint pain is really spectacular. I say that because it is just amazing how horrible it made me feel. Seriously, knees did not want to bend and every joint ached right down to my fingers. My right hand is still swollen today, but not as bad. Left foot is swollen a bit, too. Aches are not as bad as last night. So, I hope each hour brings improvement.

Of course, venofer is now out for me. We will try another drug. I go back May 7 for labs then followup with hematologist on May 8. I was pretty disappointed that I had that reaction yesterday. But, most of the time, I do react to drugs and such.

I did bore you after all. :) By the way, I am 41, female, no children and live in NC. No known explanation for my anemia as of yet. I am a pilates teacher in training with a full time job, too. So, I demand a lot from my body right now and it is not cooperating.

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