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[QUOTE=Daehyma;5163732]I had my first one on Tuesday with Venofer. I did have reactions, but I got about 3/4 of the bag. They gave me benodryl, tylenol and then steroids. But, I am fine. After effects for me have been tired, joint aches, and slight headache. I will try again on May 8th with Feraheme.

Good luck!!!!![/QUOTE]

Hi, Daehyma! I just wanted to jump in to this conversation because I saw that you are having Feraheme infusions soon. Just a word of encouragement, I have had two sessions with it, and it has been AMAZING for me. I hope you have the same experience. I am only in the clinic for an hour or hour and a half. They gave me the pre-IV Benodryl, etc. first, of course. Then the actual Feraheme took maybe 3 or 4 minutes to administer. It was just in a push syringe that they hooked up to my IV line. Then I just stayed for observation and saline!

I had no side effects that I could tell. I actually felt a little energy boost starting that day. I did notice with both if the sessions that I sweated a bit and felt like my body temperature rose a little throughout the day, but extreme coldness was one of my iron deficiency symptoms, so perhaps it just felt more noticeable because of that.

The best part is that my ferritin level went from a 13 to a 198 after just those two sessions! I honestly didn't believe them. I thought they were looking at the wrong data or something. I go in a couple weeks to check if my levels are holding in place.

I'll be praying for all of you who are undergoing infusions that you'll have good experiences and awesome results!

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