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What about B-12? When I was diagnosed, it was determined that I needed both iron supplements and B-12 shots. I'm supposed to take 325 mg. of iron 3X a day, but sometimes I only get in 2. This happened because about a month after my anemia diagnosis, I was also diagnosed with hypothyroid (which can have some of the same symptoms as anemia -- might get that checked too if you haven't yet). This caused me to have to start Synthroid, which can't be taken less than 4 hours before or after iron or they interact badly. I take the Synthroid first thing in the morning, and so can't take my first iron with breakfast. By four hours later, I am in the middle of my day with my Pre-K'ers. Most of the time I remember at lunch and I have been better about remembering another one before I leave, which leaves one more for home. I have had several refills of iron since I started, so I have some iron in one scrip bottle at school (in the pocket of my jacket), and more in the cabinet at home so I don't have to keep carrying them around. I still drink coffee and tea, just not with my iron. Orange juice is best when taking iron. I feel much better than I did, but sometimes I get to feeling a bit low, usually when I'm due for my B-12 shot or during/after my period, when we lose quite a bit of iron in the blood flow. Still, it took several months for me to get to feeling as much better as I do feel. Just know you are not alone. Keep talking to your doctor and let him/her know everything that's going on. I find it helpful to keep a health log and I note certain things, like when my period starts, when I have body aches, when I have a headache, where, and for how long, when I am exhausted, when my thyroid feels swollen, etc. That way, if a pattern ever establishes, I can see it better and can take the log to the doctor if needed. I just made a document on Google Drive and labeled it "Health Log 2013." I don't post every day, just when I have symptoms.

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