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Anaemic again?
Apr 24, 2013
Hi, about 12 years ago I had recurrent thrush every month along with just feeling generally awful which led me to seek medical advice. They tested my iron levels and my ferritin was 4! I took 6 months worth of tablets and got better. My memory of the symptoms is not great but I did feel dizzy, nauseas, weak, pale, cold and very tired. I had also recently got over a bad case of flu that had taken weeks to get over. The problem I'm facing now is that I am having all the same symptoms, the nausea is the worst, and again I have just got over a really bad chest infection/cough/pleurisy (really bad chest pain) that I was given antibiotics for - Klaracid. I took 10 days worth of 500mg twice a day. Ever since taking them I have had loose stools (took them in mid March, about 5 weeks ago) but was ok otherwise until 2 weeks ago when I started feeling horrendous. Crippling nausea, tiredness, fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, shaking, cold hands and feet, chest pain (however this may still be the pleurisy healing) and sometimes short of breath with a lump in my throat. My question is, could I have developed anemia again through my body trying to fight the infection I had? Using up all it's stores of ferritin? It seems like the same pattern as before. No amount of sleep refreshes me and I feel sick on waking which comes and goes all day, so far today I've felt swimmy in my head, exhausted with mild nausea and it's nearly midday. I've eaten a bowl of cereal with milk but still feel awful. I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat anything. 2 weeks ago I was having really bad indigestion and a feeling of a lump in my throat. I do suffer with anxiety now and again but I had been fine for a couple of years at least. There is nothing going on except some stress at work which is affecting me I guess, but to be honest I think that is secondary to my physical problems and I try and keep those issues in perspective as much as possible, but I would say I dread work feeling like I do because it's very stressful and needs you to be completely on it. I am having blood tests on Fri (which I am anxious about LOL), where my thyroid, liver, kidneys, iron stats will be checked. Any thoughts on infections causing iron deficiencies would be good to hear, or any theories in what's going on in general. The reason behind my very low ferritin level was never investigated back then but I have never felt this bad since that time apart from a couple of stomach bugs. Thanks.

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