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So I was right, my ferritin levels are low, 11, and I've been prescribed 210mg Ferrous Fumarate three times a day. Day one was fine, but today I've had really bad heartburn/indigestion/uneasy feeling most of the day. Years ago my ferritin was 4 and I was put on gluconate I think, I remember having constipation and some mild cramping but not what I've felt today. My question is will the side effects go as my body gets used to the iron intake? Is it too early to go back to the doctor and ask if it can be changed? It's interfering with work you see as I feel nauseas anyway from the deficiency, but this is even worse on top. Any ideas/experiences? It seems if I take them with a meal it doesn't tend to be as bad at all, even though it says take them on an empty stomach. The worst was this morning, I took it with one piece of toast and some apple juice, had heartburn from 1100-1500 :-( bleh!

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