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ok here goes re normal values for comparison

Haemoglobin 11.3 (normal for non pregnant female 12-15)
Red blood cell 3.84 (normal female 4.2-5.4)
Total white cell count 12.2 (normal approx 4-10)
Serum folate 23.2 (normally 5-16)
Serum vitamin B12 260 (normal 200-900)
Serum iron level 1 umol/L (normal 9-30.4 umol/L)
Haematocrit 0.336 (normal 0.36-0.46)
Neutrophil count 9.65 (normal 1.8-7.8)
Monocyte count 1.01 (normal 0-9)
Eosinophil count 0 (normal 0-5)
MCV 87.3 (normal 80-100)
Lymphocyte count 19.3 (normal 18-48)

I have no signs of any infection now - I do however have an ongoing dry cough which is fairly mild at the moment. It's been going on for a year or so and I also have an amount of blood in my mouth every morning - I have been referred to have an endoscopy at an ear nose & throat clinic in a few months. I also have chronic gingivitis which could possibly be causing the blood in the mouth but obviously there is a need to check this out to rule out any other problems.

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