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Re: Low ferritin
Jun 8, 2013
[QUOTE=b2b;5177483]Thank you so much for replying. For a while I thought I was having ms, neurologist agreed that my ferritin was low, but said if in few weeks my symptoms are still there I should have MRI. I used to have iron shots when my ferritin was low, but for some reason my doctor decided to give me iron pills this time. I feel so horrible that I don't know if I can deal with this. I also have pain around my rib cage, my whole body hurts. My last period was not heavy , I was just spotting,wondering if I am in menopause(I am 50). and this have been my life for 3 months now. Heatherx5, at what point did you start feeling better? My doctor wants my ferritin to be at 50. It is confusing, because some doctors claim (an emergency doctor for example) that if you have normal hemoglobin you should not take iron, as it could be toxic. Praying for all of us to get better.:confused:[/QUOTE]

That is absolutely not true. I have had a normal hemoglobin for months and am still taking is possible to have normal hemoglobin and hematocrit in your blood and still have organs, tissues, and cells suffering because they aren't getting the iron they need. That is why it's crucial to continue the iron therapy (even if your just taking a smaller dose of iron through a multi-vitamin, which I am doing). Ferritin levels are a good way to detect IDA in the early stages because it's one of the first things to go. Having a low hemoglobin shows that the IDA is in a later stage. By the time your hemoglobin gets low it's time for iron, but why Dr's wait for that to happen is beyond me!

That is why I believe Dr's should use a ferritin test more often then not because it's a very early indicator of a problem before waiting for the last stages which are hemoglobin and hematocrit dropping. Iron is not going to be toxic unless you iron overload which I don't see happening with a ferritin of 21 and iron serum of 11, it's just not going to happen. Ferritin takes months and years to raise and your body is putting the iron where it needs to be. Once your iron serum goes up it's going to start dumping back into your stores. That is why it's important to do under a Dr's care so they can monitor your labs, but quite honestly your numbers are just way to low to even worry about overloading.

I have been taking iron for a year now and can honestly say I have days where I feel bad still. I would say I started noticing a difference about 6 months in but it was very little. It's a long hard battle and you need to find a Dr. that is going to properly care for you or your just going to keep going in circles.

What I see happening here is you get to the end stages of anemia. Your hemoglobin and crit are going to start dropping and it's going to put you even worse off, I would hate for that to happen to get some attention from a Dr. My hemoglobin was about 2 points off from needing a blood transfusion. I was very lucky in the Dr. department, he left the anemia diagnosis till my ferritin goes back up and my OB told me to take iron for at least another year, at that was with normal hemoglobin and crit levels! I think your getting some bad advice from the people who are caring for you, it makes me angry. I see so many women here in your position talking about how their Dr's just don't take this serious. :(

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