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Re: Low ferritin
May 20, 2013
Your ferritin is really low. Most people don't even report feeling well till their ferritin reaches 50-70. Ferritin can take months and even years to go up and you can absolutely still be anemic with normal hemoglobin/hematocrit. I'm no Dr. but I know the results of having low ferritin first hand and it's something that needs to be treated. I was lucky, my Dr. is leaving the anemia diagnosis until my ferritin reaches 100. My ferritin is at a 66 now (from a 2 last May) and he says I can plan on taking iron for a while longer. I think you need to go to a Dr/hematologist that is going to address your low ferritin.

Symptoms of low ferritin:

Aches and pains.
Easy fatigue.
Increased weakness.
Heart palps.
Loss of energy.
Loss of libido.
Increased irritability and confusion.
Stomach Pains.
Tingling and numbness in extremeties.
Breathing difficulty.
No appetite.
Sore tongue.
and just to add vision issues, which I had as well.

There are a lot more that can go on this list these are just a few off the top of my head.

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