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I quess if I had looked close enough I would have seen this post. I'm new at this too, and when I went last week for my first visit my HGB was 7.7, my ferritin was 4 and my Sat % was 2. The Dr. ordered a one total dose infusion to try and get my iron stores up. He also ordered a whole bunch of other blood tests. One of them was a MMA test that checks for low B-12. He said sometimes when your levels are in the low range of normal(mine was 212), your body can still be B-12 deficient and show symptoms. If it was the MMA test would show that. I'm wondering if this is part of my problem as I still feel very fatigued and have constant headache, but on the other hand if it is I would assume my blood levels would still be real low. I know they are higher than before infusion, even though hasn't been checked because my gums and eyelids are not white anymore. I don't go back to the Dr. till 7/1--he said this would give the iron and blood levels time enough to stabalize after the infusion. He said if they were still real low or they did not stay up he would probably want to do a bone marrow biopsey. I'm like you, I just want to feel better!! I'm so tired of not being able to do things because I feel so crappy. So, do you have to go back to get your levels rechecked at any time? I hope you get to feeling better. Maybe it just takes time. One thing I believe; we know our bodies better than anyone else, and can tell when something is not right, regardless of "levels" Hang in there!! Keep posting updates. I know this is lengthy but its just good to be able to talk with someone who has the same issues.

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