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[QUOTE=Smargie;5185196]I am certainly no expert, but from what I've read around here low ferritin can still cause symptoms, even when your other numbers are good. I think it's important to build it up to a good level, since it's your body's store of iron.

Is anyone trying to figure out what caused your anemia? I've read that anemia is always a symptom of something else. I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago, so mine isn't coming from heavy menstrual bleeding either. I am having lots of GI tests, to try to figure out where the bleed is.

Hope you feel better soon. Do ask your docs what caused the anemia in the first place. If the source is not fixed you are likely to become anemic again in the future. :([/QUOTE]

That is what my doctor said as well, a low ferritin can cause fatigue and other symptoms. She wants me to continue the iron until ferritin goes up further. I have some acid reflux but that started recently. It must have taken a long time for my ferritin to fall to a level of 8 though. I am a vegetarian and have periods (although not very heavy). According to my doctor that is enough to cause anemia. So, not sure what else could be going on.

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