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Ferritin is evil! This number is the first to go with anemia because it's your iron stores and when you are running low on iron that is where it comes from. So your body is pulling from the ferritin to restore iron serum. If that makes sense? Ferritin are your when your iron serum becomes low your reserves are being sent out by your body once you start running low on your reserves the problem starts...

All the side effects you have mentioned are related to or can be related to anemia, they are terrible! I would also strongly suggest getting your B12 and D levels checked as well because they are some things that seem to go hand in hand with anemia.

You can have a normal hematocrit and still be anemic and that number alone should not be relied upon for diagnosing an anemia problem because it's not one of the first things that starts to drop. Your numbers are starting to go down quickly because your starting to run out of your reserves.

Anemia is just a symptom of a larger issue, which I'm sure you are well aware of. You need to be treating, a Flinstone vitamin isn't going to fix this!

If you get infusions your numbers should go up quicker then taking a pill but at this point a F. Vitamin is not going to be near enough of what you need. Ferritin can take months and even years to fix depending on the problem, if it's being treated etc. I'm going on taking iron for over a year now and my problem has been fixed. I'm glad you have a hematologist to help you.

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