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Yes, I did get the results--nothing was found. My hematologist thinks that I had an internal bleed at some point that corrected itself on its own. I am now no longer officially anemic, but am still working on building up my ferritin (it's up to 26 now)...she thinks I'll start feeling better sometime in December. My original post was in June, so I've had 4 months to work on it.

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time--it's so difficult when the doc tells you there's nothing wrong and you KNOW that there is! Are you seeing a hematologist? Are you getting any treatment for the anemia? If not, I suggest finding a hematologist ASAP, as they seem to be the only docs that take it seriously.

It seems strange, but I got my iron up pretty quickly by just taking 2 Flintstone vitamins a day. My hematologist said that after she had her last baby she lost a lot of blood. She refused a blood infusion, and her OB had her take Flintstone vitamins to build her iron back up. Since then she has recommended this to her patients w/anemia since it worked for her. She said that about 60% of her patients cannot tolerate heavy doses of iron, and that much of that iron is not absorbable anyway, whereas the iron in the vitamins is. couldn't hurt for you to try it!

Best of luck to you--keep us posted!

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