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[QUOTE=Smargie;5184401]Like most of you around here, I'm anemic! Ferritin currently at 5, down from 8.3 from March 2012. (RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit out of range low as well). Finally got referral to a hematologist, who is taking this seriously. :)

I'm also suffering from some sort of intestinal problem, which is currently being investigated as well. It's hard to know which symptoms are coming from what.

My question is, do any of you have days when you feel almost normal (except for being weak and fatigued, which now feels like my new normal)? I have days when I cannot function at all--way too dizzy and light-headed to drive. And then every once-in-a-while I can make it to the grocery store and have normal interactions w/my family, not need several naps, etc.

Anyone else have some good days amongst the bad? It just makes me wonder if most of my symptoms are coming from my as yet undiagnosed cause of anemia. :confused:[/QUOTE]

I have those even though my ferritin has gone up from 9 to 15. The worst one to deal with is the lightheadedness. My hemoglin is good with a value of 14.7 though.

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