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There's just no winning is there, I've already been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer a fair while back and have been taking lansoprazole when taking painkillers for period pain....the mefenamic acid I was given for the period pain is what caused the ulcer so now I'm trying not to take the lansoprazole because that stops the iron being absorbed (from my own web research). Thing is I saw the doc and had the blood tests then I was phoned and told the tablets were waiting for me and that I didn't need to see the GP...How are you ever meant to understand what's happening if no one will take the time to explain. Once my blood results are in this time I'll make an appointment and go in to discuss it - this is just ridiculous.

Are you able to take something like the Spatone which is much gentler on the system or is that an impossibility too?

It seems that as soon as you get one thing in order something else flares up :( .

When are you having the procedure?

I hope you feel better soon.

Take care,
Sions x

[QUOTE=Kaymarina;5230896]Hi Sions, my ferritin level is now about 24 iI took ferrous fumerate religiously for 3 months and my hb level rectified to 14 as well however I now have gastritis apparently the iron has irritated my stomach! I can't take the iron now as I have such pain all the time. I have a major flare up today and really feel awful! I was tested for an ulcer but that has come back clear. I feel so fed up with it all. I am still bleeding heavily and have
to have a lapsocopy . Hope I don't go back to square 1 with my anemia. Yes vision problems are linked to anemia for sure xxx[/QUOTE]

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