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I had a ferritin of 7 and after 2 months of iron it is up to a whopping 9. My first Venofer treatment in the morning and even though I know better, I am still a little nervous. I think most of this is because as a nurse I make a HORRIBLE patient :) I am hoping that the Venofer will give me a little boost in energy. The hematologist told me that low ferritin itself doesn't cause symptoms, but I don't really believe him. Maybe this is the cause of why I have been feeling so horrible!
I have had so many different symptoms and the Dr's are still trying to figure some things out. Recently I had a positive ana and dsdna, so some symptoms could be related to a possible autoimmune issue. I think the ones related to the low ferritin are: extreme fatigue, muscle pain all over my body, achy joints, shortness of breath just from doing little things, blurry vision, hair falling out and not growing like it normally does, nails not growing, and a hot flushed feeling on my face and lips. Pretty much feel like a zombie most days. It's always interesting when the Dr's say our symptoms aren't caused by something but they still have no explanation for feeling the way we do. I am hoping the iv iron helps. But they don't tell you that the first day or two after, you might feel worse than before. It will be worth it if it helps!
What's it going to take to get a definitive diagnosis for lupus? Sheesh! Are the plaquenil and prednisone for the arthritis? How bad is the arthritis? I'm sorry you are struggling with so many things at once. Which doc have you gone back to for the return of your symptoms? I'm really baffled that they wanted to wait 6 months for re-checks of your ferritin level. Obviously that wasn't a good plan, since you couldn't "make it" until December.

My hematologist had me coming in every 6 weeks. I did also have low hemoglobin and hematocrit, along with a ferritin level of 5, but it was the ferritin that she was most concerned about. At the first re-check my ferritin had only increased to 5.7 and my other numbers were still low. I'm now no longer officially anemic and my ferritin was up to 26 at last check. She wants to see me again 4 months after my last appt. She said that low ferritin definitely causes symptoms, and that she expected me to start feeling better once my level had reached around 100. I really don't understand why your hematologist is not taking your low ferritin more seriously. If it's bad enough to require iron infusions, shouldn't you be tested more often? Maybe it's time for a new hematologist.

I hope you get some relief from your infusion, if you end up having one. And that you get a definitive diagnosis soon. Can you ask to get blood tests more often, so that you don't get to feeling so sick before they decide you need another infusion? That just seems so unnecessary! If the infusions are going to be a maintenance thing, it would be nice if they could actually [I]maintain[/I] your feeling better.

Let us know what happens....
I think you are on the right track to get the low ferritin figured out. Celiac disease is fairly common and not everyone exhibits the usual GI symptoms. It can also be associated with autoimmune diseases, so I am glad you are getting that checked out. I don't think the GYN issues are related to the iron deficiency.

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