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I had a ferritin of 7 and after 2 months of iron it is up to a whopping 9. My first Venofer treatment in the morning and even though I know better, I am still a little nervous. I think most of this is because as a nurse I make a HORRIBLE patient :) I am hoping that the Venofer will give me a little boost in energy. The hematologist told me that low ferritin itself doesn't cause symptoms, but I don't really believe him. Maybe this is the cause of why I have been feeling so horrible!
How did your venofer treatment go? Did it make you feel worse for a few days? Are you feeling any better now?

Hope you get some relief soon!
:) I guess normal has taken on a whole new meaning over the past few years! Back to how I felt before the venofer. I will have another infusion on the 28th and then recheck in December. From the sounds of it, I think it could end up being a maintenance thing that I get when needed. The neurologist I saw Friday was concerned with my neurolgical exam and symptoms. I have right sided weakness, decreased sensation and lots of odd nerve sensations in my hands and feet. My hematologist seems to take the low ferritin pretty seriously I guess but the neurologist seemed to think it should be monitored more than every 6 months. Maybe if the docs had to pay these medical bills they would try to work together a little more.
Guess I couldn't make it the 6 months for a follow-up. I go in Thursday for labs and a possible venofer infusion. Back again total exhaustion and tingling/burning in my hands and feet. I think it may be a low ferritin again. The fatigue and nerve issues had gotten better since my last venofer infusion. Since then I have also finished all my neuro testing with everything being negative :) The rheumatologist said I have inflammatory arthritis and he still suspects lupus. He started me on plaquenil and prednisone. I am sure that somehow this is all interconnected. I am thankful that I am getting treated now but I still would like a diagnosis or cause I guess.

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