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I am anemic also and I understand how scared you can feel. One day you might feel a little bit better and the next day you could even feel worse, but my message right now is about a book I just bought. I got an ad from Rodale about a book called The Drug Muggers. It is written by a pharmacist name Suzy Cohen,RPH. It is the best book I have ever read on vitamins, what they do,how to take them and what to put on your plate to help restore them. She gives you the details of how to take them, what not to take with them, such as iron, you should not drink milk or dairy products a couple hours before and after and I never knew that. There is so much the doctors do not seem to know to even tell you about them, but she tells you things that you maybe have never heard before. She tells you what medications robs what vitamins, she tells you how much you should take if you take certain medications and also if you do not take medications,she also tells where you can get good products from and all of the vitamins and which vitamins work the best and Are most absorbable. Just thought perhaps some of you might want to check into this book, as I am certainly using it as my Bible right now. I do think it's a new book, and I don't know if it can be bought anywhere else yet or not. I find it so amazing as to what all she can tell, that you just do not hear about. I have said ever since I received the book, that I think everyone should have it in their home. After coming on this site tonight, I realized at least everyone with anemia should have this book so that's why I am mentioning it. They offer a free 21 day trial on the book but I didn't look at it but five minutes and knew I would not be sending it back.

I do hope you feel better soon and I also am hoping to feel better soon, she says in the book that it would take 3 to 6 months to recuperate from being anemic. I guess there is just no fast cure and of course it all depends on what medical problems you may have to go along with it. I am 72 and have a few medical problems to go along with things, so I am fighting a real hard battle here. I can say I have never felt so tired and rundown and weak in my life. I to kept trying to fight it and was thinking some of my high blood pressure medicine was causing my problems. Well, good luck to all and I will be keeping up with things here too. So much to learn from each other.

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