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My 15 year old has been very sick since November. She was in the hospital twice in December for a 8 week migraine. They even did a lumbar puncture and MRI. MRI was abnormal but 6 weeks later it was normal. She ended up getting IV DHE for her migraine. Since then she has been extremely tired, has restless leg syndrome and had lots of stomach pain. She missed 30 days of school since she was in so much pain. She got really bad 2 weeks ago. Her legs and arms hurt so bad she cries in pain. She doesn't want to get out of bed and when she does she gets very tired. She can't even reach for something since her arms are so weak. She has a constant headache, no energy, unexplained stomach pain, no appetite, nails are breaking and cranky.

She was diagnosed two weeks ago with Fructose malabsorption. We are working very hard to change her diet.

Finally her allergist ran labs, results below..

Hemoglobin 10.9 normal range 11.1-15.9
Ferritin 4 normal 15-77
MCV 75 normal 79-97
MCH 23.4 normal 26.6-33
MCHC 31.4 normal 31.5-35.7
Vit D 18.9 normal 30-100

Here PCP started her on Ferrous sulf 325 mg three times a day. He said he would re-run her labs in 3-6 months. What I'm I supposed to do until then. She needs to be better to go back to school in August. Any thoughts.


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