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Am i aneamic?
I'm a 15 year old girl, and recently I've been wondering if I've become aneamic. I've had the symptoms for a very long time now; I've been getting head-rush's (Dizziness) for 2 years now, it used to be pretty bad before, where i used to get it about 12 times a day, its cut down alot now - but still there. I'm always feeling weak, tired, sleepy - no matter how much i sleep. Everyday around 4:30 my body feels as if it cant function unless i lie down or nap for a bit, its become a very bad habit which is all due to me becoming too tired. I know triedness is a very big part in aneamia, which is why i'm conserned, is not normal teenage lazy, none of my friends suffer from this much tiredness and find it weird how i'm always sleepy. I think i have tinnitus, as i have this loud noisy ringing in my ear which occurs all the time at night and often has a 'whooshing' sound with it as well. I feel very faint every time i have a blood test, and was prescribed iron tablets at the age of 13. Though it seems like ive got a lot of the symptoms, i need to know of this is anemia or something else? I'm not suffering from depression at all, as i am perfectly happy. very confused with all this, and hoping to find an answer from you, thank you. :)

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