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i was recently diagnosed with anemia because of my hemoglobin and hematocrit and rbc results.

upon repeat testing of these by specialist they are still low and he performed further tests, the results of these are as follows:

Result 06/14/13
WBC 4.3
ANC 2.3
RBC 3.66 low
Hgb 11.5 low
HCT 34.9 low
RDW 11.9
Plat 196
Lymph# 1.4
MONO# 0.3
BASO# 0.0
EOS# 0.2
Gran% 54.6
Lymph% 32.5
MONO% 7.9
BASO% 0.3
EOS% 4.7
Sodium 141
Potassium 4.2
Chloride 106
CO2 29
Glucose 88
BUN 16
Creat 0.6
Calcium 9.6
Total Protein 7.1
Albumin 4.6
A/G 1.8
Globulin 2.5
Total Bili 0.41
Alk Phos 101
AST 14
ALT 13
LDH 135
CA125 3.7
UIBC 259
TIBC 319.0
Ferritin 180 high
Erythropoietin 14.7
Iron Sat Percent 18.8 high
B12 1040 high
Folate 10.2
MSpike No monoclonal band observed
C Reactive Protein 0.13
MCHC 33.0
MPV 9.0

i have not yet completed my stool test for occult blood.

i will be discussing the results with my doctor, but would like input in the meantime.. what do these results look like to you??
MCV 95.0

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