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I'm new to the boards, and have been reading the information on the anemia board with interest. I'm wondering if anyone might have some suggestions about what I could do.

I was diagnosed with anemia last summer (again- I've been anemic on and off all my life). My ferritin was below 2, and my hemoglobin was 9. I was tested for celiac disease (negative) and have had my b12 levels tested (seem ok). I've been taking 300 mg of iron (Feramax), but my ferritin is still only 9. My hemoglobin is okay, but I am still feeling dizzy and tired, fuzzy. (I'm sure you all know what I mean.)

I was given a proton pump inhibitor to address esophagitis, as my doc is hoping this might be the source of problem... I've been on it a few months now, and ferritin is still not great.

I'm getting tired of feeling tired all the time. It's interfering with my life, and I need to get some energy back. Is there something else that could be going on? Colonoscopy and endoscopy were good... I did have heavy periods for a while, but they are lightening up a lot. I'm almost 50 years old-- I need to be exercising, but can't get the energy up to do it.

Just starting to feel really frustrated with this...

(Sorry for venting).

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