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Hi dizzyg...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I can certainly understand why you are feeling so frustrated!

It seems like I've been down a similar road to yours in some ways. I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago, so we know that that's not the source of bleeding. I've had the colonoscopy, endoscopy and have had celiac ruled out as well. It sounds like something was actually found in your esophagus?

I had a pill camera test a couple of weeks ago, but don't have the results yet. The pill camera is a device that you swallow. It has a light in it and takes 2 pictures per second as it travels through your system. It's meant to check the small intestine, as the other scopes can't make it in that far from either end. It looks for Chron's, polyps, tumors and AVMs (which are abnormal clusters of veins in the wall of the intestine that can bleed slowly and cause anemia). I'm assuming you have a GI doc...has he/she mentioned this test for you? If not, maybe you could ask about it.

My other thought is that if you are having trouble absorbing the iron orally, maybe you could get an IV infusion. Do you have a hematologist? My ferritin level was 5 at my last check about a month ago. When my hematologist saw that she said that single digit ferritin is hard to bounce back from and suggested an infusion pending the results of the pill camera. I'm sure you already know that even if your hemoglobin is normal you have to get your iron stores back up.

Best of luck to you. I hope you are able to get some relief soon. That's a long time to feel so bad! :( Keep searching for answers and know that there is no need to apologize for venting around here! :cool:

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