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My daughter is currently 15 months old, She was Exclusively Breast Fed till 12 months.

Current Condition:- Severely anemic, Lethargic, had 3 blood transfusion but still losing hemoglobin.


9 Month Lab Bloodwork - Hemoglobin 11.9
12 Month in Finger ***** test - Hemoglobin 11.2

Until her 13th month, she was very active, hard to hold down at one place. Able and wanting to climb stairs on her own unassisted. Playful all day.

After her 13 months and 2 weeks, her activity level started diminishing. At first she stopped climbing stairs and running around, then she stopped walking and finally she would not move from her place were she sat. Her feet started appearing swollen in mornings and that progressed to legs and she was pale all over. Her stool was dark greenish and we noticed black slimy blotch in one of her diapers.

We got her blood work done and her Hemoglobin was 5.1 So we went to ER and Hospital.

During course of next 5 days her blood report was diminishing and she got blood transfusion

Day 1 at Hospital
Hem - 5.1
WBC - High ( Abnormal )
Iron - Low
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 2 at Hospital
Hem - 4.6
WBC - High ( Abnormal )
Iron - Low
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 3 at Hospital
Hem - 3.6
WBC - High ( Abnormal )
Iron - Low
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 4 at Hospital - She got Blood transfusion 3 times and that got her Hemoglobin to 10.3

Day 5 at Hospital - Hemoglobin 10.6
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 8 at Hospital
Endoscopy - Upper - Clean
Colonoscopy - Lower - Clean
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 9 at Hospital
Meckels Diverticulum Test - Negative
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Day 15 At Hospital - Hemoglobin 9.7
Stool - Blood Occult Positive

Almond IGE - High ( Allergic to Almonds )

We were discharged from hospital without diagnosis with follow up GI visit, Hematologist Visits and Allergist visits.
She is on Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free diet.
She is on Iron supplements, eats regular food, and 8 - 10 oz of Coconut Milk fortified with Neocate Formula
She has not gone through any Mid-GI scopy as doctors advise that she is too young for any Mid-GI procedure.

It has been 1 1/2 months now - She is 15 months old now, she is still underweight 18.5 lb, not growing in height - 29.75 inch tall, Sheis holding on to Hemoglobin Levels of 9.3

We're at a loss, none of the doctors have any definitive answers to this.

You would be godsend if anybody would have any clue to what could be happening to her, or any leads or suggestions,

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