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Hi! I went to the doctor a week ago after having some heart palpitations that worried me. Other issues that I have had over the past year or two have included headaches, nausea, restless leg syndrome, canker sores (almost constant) fatigue, very bad heartburn (I have been seeing a GI doctor for this for more than a year, have been taking Rx Zantac for it), stomach cramps, heavy periods and a few other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now.

I hadn't been seeing a GP for a number of years, just going to my Gyn and GI doctors. I scheduled to see a new GP and she ran bloodwork for a number of things including celiac, lupus and thyroid. The test results came in via the online thing on Friday, so I haven't been able to talk to the doctor yet. She did call in an Rx for ferrous sulfate twice per day with vitamin C too. She said the lab results showed my thyroid to be normal and I am negative for celiac. Nothing was mentioned about the Lupus, so I am guessing that is normal too. The notes just say iron deficiency anemia, to start the new medicine and to come in for a re-check in 4 weeks.

From what I have read online, it looks like my heavy periods plus taking the PPI (Zantac) could probably be leading to this anemia; but I don't really know what to do about either of those. My heartburn is really, really bad. I can sometimes go off of Zantac for a week or two; but then have to go back on something as it just gets too bad. And I can't do birth control pills to control my periods - I did that before and it messed with my blood pressure and increased my migraines. I have considered a hysterectomy; but I'm just not sure if I'm ready to do that (I do have kids and don't plan to have more; but mentally I just can't bring myself to do a hysterectomy...)

I have tried to include all of the results - normal, high and low. I have the highs in red, the lows in blue. And then there was one comment from the doctor interpreting the lab results that I can't figure out what it is supposed to mean and haven't been able to figure it out from google.

If anyone can look at these and help me to understand a little more. I mean, if it were to come down to serious health problems or a hysterectomy I'd obviously do the hysterectomy. But is this at "serious" yet? I do realize that I'm always tired, and I'm happy to find out that maybe it isn't just that I have gotten lazy or something. ;-) But should the supplements most likely fix everything? Or should I prepare that I might have to do the hysterectomy or figure something else out for my acid reflux (surgery has been discussed for that; but if possible I'd like to avoid that too!)?

Anyway... the lab results include this:

TSH 2.95 Normal normal is 0.4 - 4.5
[COLOR="Blue"]Ferritin 4 Low normal is 10 - 154[/COLOR]
ANA Screen/IFA Negative normal is negative
Gliadin AB/IGA 8 Normal less than 20 is antibody not detected
ImmunogobulinA 205 Normal normal is 81 - 463
Tissue Transglutaminase 1 Normal
CBC Morphology Normal
Absolute Basophils 39 Normal Normal is 0 - 200
ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS 147 Normal Normal is 15 - 500
ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES 2813 Normal Normal is 850 - 3900
ABSOLUTE MONOCYTES 755 Normal Normal is 200 - 950
ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 6047 Normal Normal is 1500 - 7800
BASOPHILS 0.4 Normal
[COLOR="blue"]HEMATOCRIT 33.8 Low Normal is 35.0 - 45.0
HEMOGLOBIN 10.4 Low Normal 11.7-15.5[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]MCH 20.6 Low Normal is 27 - 33
MCHC 30.8 Low Normal is 32.0-36.0
MCV 66.8 Low Normal is 80.0-100.0 [/COLOR]
MONOCYTES 7.7 Normal
PLATELET COUNT 349 Normal Normal is 140-400
[COLOR="red"]RDW 20.7 High Normal is 11.0-15.0[/COLOR]
RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 5.06 Normal Normal is 3.80-5.10
WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT 9.8 Normal Normal is 3.8-10.8
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]COMMENT(S): Red blood cell agglutination present.[/COLOR]
ALBUMIN 4.2 Normal Normal is 3.6-5.1
ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1.6 Normal Normal is 1.0-2.5
ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 69 Normal Normal is 33-115
ALT 15 Normal Normal is 6-29
AST 14 Normal Normal is 10-30
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 0.3 Normal Normal is 0.2-1.2
CALCIUM 9.5 Normal Normal is 8.6-10.2
CARBON DIOXIDE 25 Normal Normal is 19-30
CHLORIDE 106 Normal Normal is 98-110
CREATININE 0.75 Normal Normal is 0.50-1.10
GLOBULIN 2.7 Normal Normal is 1.9-3.7
GLUCOSE 94 Normal Normal is 65-99
POTASSIUM 3.9 Normal Normal is 3.5-5.3
PROTEIN, TOTAL 6.9 Normal Normal is 6.1-8.1
SODIUM 141 Normal Normal is 135-146
UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 8 Normal Normal is 7-25
[COLOR="Red"]IRON BINDING CAPACITY 465 High Normal is 250-450[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]IRON, TOTAL 26 Low Normal is 40-175[/COLOR]

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