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I posted about two weeks ago. Just an update, on what my levels were,
ferritin 4
hg 9.1
hmocrit 23

I don't know what my total iron was.
I have had a large adenoma removed from my duodenum in April and I am having a follow up in September for that. Because of this intestinal issues, I have been taking omeprazole since November. My GI doctor said I could stop taking them because my stomach doesn't show irritation at this time. Although, my stomach remains very sensitive.

I am going to a hematologist for my low levels, and I am going to gyn on the 12th for heavy periods.

I was scheduled for an iron infusion two weeks ago and my hg had raised to 9.8 and ferritin to an 8. So the doc said to try the oral iron for a month to see if could raise my levels. But them I started my period and felt as though I was back to ground zero. I am now having a difficult time with the oral iron. I was taking it with vit. C and I have stopped that because I have stomach issues and some nausea. I still try to take the oral iron, sometimes causing stomach distress adding to the fatigue, and many other symptoms that accompany iron deficient anemia.

Should I try to continue taking oral iron, and try to take omeprazole to help the stomach distress. I have an appointment with my hematologist on the 22 of August. I am going to try an oral iron today and see what it does.

Any suggestions ?
I am really struggling. Does anyone else have times when they cry and feel very down due to IDA? I am not sure what my problem is, just having a hard time.

I had to start iron infusions last Monday. As of yet I don't notice any difference. Does anyone else notice differences after one infusion? In fact yesterday I was more dizzy than I have been in a long time and I am still so tired all of the time.

Another question I have is how long does it take to get your infusions of venofer? My hematologist said it would take about 90 minutes to get infused and it only took a little over 30 minutes. Is this too fast? Not sure weather to mention it to the people that do my infusions.

Just curious as to when I can expect to feel results of the infusions.

Thanks for any comments
Hi jlkcoop...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time! I can't really answer any of your questions as I haven't had an infusion (yet), but I can say that YES, I do get very down and cry sometimes about these health issues. I have IDA and digestive problems as well--though I haven't been diagnosed with anything besides anemia. It has totally affected my quality of life. It makes perfect sense to me that you are struggling and having a hard time.

Has it been established that your anemia is due to heavy periods? Do you know why they are so heavy yet and have they always been that way? I don't know how old you are or if you have kids or want to....If you want to maintain your fertility you could ask your gyne for birth control pills to lighten your flow. If fertility is not an issue, you might be offered an ablation--this is when they cauterize the lining of the uterus, which stops the bleeding. I was going to have an ablation, but had an ultrasound first, which showed a cyst on my ovary and huge fibroids, so I ended up with a hysterectomy. I'd already finished having kids, but still felt pretty bummed about it at the time. I got used to it after a while and now LOVE not having periods.

Hopefully someone else will chime in here who has had infusions and share their experiences. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing!

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