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For about a week I've been having some unusual symptoms. It began with a powerful all-over weakness, especially in my arms. I felt like even holding up a box of cereal took too much effort. This eventually progressed to fatigue. I was sleeping non-stop. Then came the heart palpitations. I got so afraid I gave myself a panic attack and called 911, thinking it was a heart attack. ECG was normal, blood sugar was normal, no sign of fluid in the lungs, BP lowered as I calmed down. Since it was just a panic attack I decided to stay home after all.

I haven't been getting any better. The next day I noticed that my breathing was labored. Taking my inhaler did not help, though I found that lying down on my back did. I noticed that anytime I sat up or stood up suddenly, I could feel all the blood rushing from my head and I'd get very dizzy/out of breath, my heart speeding up just slightly. I was pale for most of the day and my lips looked a little purple.

Since then I've been seeing off and on improvement, but it's still there for the most part. The bottom halves of my nails look kinda purplish. My eyes are dull and have constant dark bags under them. I've been sleeping 10-12 hours every night and still need naps in between. Mom thinks this is just anxiety and doesn't think I need to see a doctor. I don't know what to do. My CBC and iron levels taken less than a month ago were normal. I don't have any signs of bleeding - stool is normal, no vomiting blood, though I have been having some stomach pain. What could be causing this?

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