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Iver the past year, I've often had abnormally low blood cell counts, including platelets, WBC (due to neutropenia) and rbc. I asked my rheumatologist to measure my retic to see if I'm making enough....nope. When my RBC count us abnormally low, so is my retic count. I was sent to a hematologist because my neutrophils dropped to 890, for further investigation. He said it wasn't anemia because the hgb and hct are within normal limits. I think he means he doesn't even see the fact that both rbc and retics are low, which doesn't make sense to me! MCV is consistently high (like 101)-could that compensate by carrying more oxygen in fewer cells? I don't know. Vit B 12 (?) level is fine but whenever folate has been measured, it's been elevated, whatever that means.

I had a bone marrow biopsy done last week but no results yet...biting my nails waiting! Chronic disease (autoimmune?) causing neutropenia, and I simply run low on rbc and platelets? :(. Or something more?
Autoimmune disease can cause low RBCs, WBCs, and platelets. Usually when RBC is low, retic count is high, so your bone marrow production appears sluggish. Sometimes this can be a result of drug therapy (aplastic anemia as a side effect). I would check any meds you are taking for possible aplastic anemia. The bone marrow biopsy will rule out any worrisome cause for low production. You mentioned your rheumatologist. What do you see a rheum for? Lupus can cause all of these blood symptoms. Have you been tested for that? A high MCV usually means B12 or folate deficiency, but since yours have been measured and are ok, I wouldn't worry about the MCV. I would supplement the B12 if below 500.

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