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I fainted for the first time about 3 weeks ago, but have been feeling faint a few weeks prior to that. Seems I feel faint after just a short time of walking around or doing anything. I just had blood work done last week and the doc says its urgent I get in for an evaluation with an oncologist.

Hemoglobin 7.6
Hematocrit 27.2
Platelet Count is high at 412

They didn't do my ferritin, but a year ago that was low at a 9.

Seems its getting worse. Headaches, dizziness, feeling of fainting..

Just curious if anyone has similar numbers to mine and what did your doc do for you? I see the oncologist in two days.
Sorry you are not feeling well. You have very low hemoglobin. I am wondering if the oncologist is also a hematologist. Do you have heavy menstrual periods? You need to find out why you are anemic.

I have been going to a hematologist who is also an oncologist. I feel faint some times but have not fainted. My blood counts are a little bit similar.

Hemoglobin 9.1
Hematocrit 23
Ferritin 4

Can't remember my platelet count right now. I go back to doc on Tuesday and we will do a blood count. I have been trying to take oral iron and I do take B12. The iron really bothers my stomach. If my levels are still low we will do iron infusions.

Hope you get it figured out. Let us know what you find out.

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