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[QUOTE=Smargie;5217694]Thanks for your reply!

What are your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels now? Has your ferritin increased at all? I am definitely going to check into the garden of life iron, since I certainly don't need any more stomach troubles!

I do really like my hematologist. My primary care doc ignored my anemia--she actually said it was probably genetic since my mother used to have it as well. It was both my dermatologist and rheumatologist who showed me graphs of my numbers going down. The dermatologist sent my PCP a note about it, and even then she decided to send me to the rheumatologist instead of the hematologist. I am definitely going to fire her!

The hematologist was pretty concerned about the ferritin level of 5, and said that she wanted to get me feeling better. She said that when you get to single digit ferritin levels it's pretty serious. I guess I don't quite understand how ferritin works, and am confused about the other numbers improving while the ferritin stays low.

What are your other symptoms? I'm dizzy a lot, constantly fatigued and my memory is shot. I also get rashes on my face. In fact, I had surgery last week and had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia--they responded to it quickly so there was no significant problem, but it left me with a flat rash on my face.

I hope you find a better doctor soon.[/QUOTE]
Hi, I have no idea what my levels are at this moment because we just changes insurance and I haven't seen it new doc yet. As soon as my hemoglobin was norma my hemo doc said iI was fine even though my ferritin was a 7. Doctors say that ferritin should be in the 100 range. I lose my hair, feel dizzy, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, restless, short of breath, heart palpitations. It's terrible. I had no idea iron can make it person feel this way. I am thinking of doubling up on my garden of life iron. I like that you can open the capsule and put it in juice. I hate huge pills. Another one that didn't give to much trouble was nature's way iron. There is aalso a prescription iron you can get from your doctor. My obgyn gave me samples. It doesn't help that I have tummy troubles and heavy periods. Leafy greens seem to give me trouble. I am also confused about ferritin, I do know it is your body iron store's. It is the first thing to drop, so if your hemoglobin is low then the ferritin has been low for a while. Take vitamin c with your iron. Have you been tested for celiac? Have you always had an issue with anesthesia? That is scary! I get itchy skin from dryness. Celiac disease can cause rashes. I tested negative for it but think I have a sensitivity to it. I sure hope you feel better!!! We can keep in touch. We will get through this :)

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