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I was at first only slightly low iron and a ferritin of 2. But once your ferritin (which is your iron stores, or your back up) is too low your iron will drop as well. My Dr didn't care either. A lot of Drs don't care about ferritin and some won't even check it. But my iron plummeted and my hgb plummeted along with it. I told him but he just brushed me off and just said take some iron. Thankfully my insurance doesn't require me to get a referrel to a hematologist. I just went to one and ended up with iron infusions.
Go to your Dr armed with information!

[QUOTE=JordysMom;5218642]Hi - I am currently being treated for a Vitamin D

deficiency, but I believe I also need to be treated for an iron deficiency, although my doctor hasn't said a word about it after seeing my lab results.

My iron level is like 128, but ferritin is 10. From everything I am reading, this is something that needs to be treated - am I wrong?? :confused:

Have been feeling horrible for so long now and don't know what's from the D and what could be from the low ferritin.[/QUOTE]

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