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During my last pregnancy (2009) I have had on going problems with anemia and my health in general and am now feeling so low about everything. During my routine bloods when I was 12 weeks pregnant I was found to have Hb of only 5 so swiftly put on Iron tablets and monitored. After 4 weeks it had not improved so they brought me into hospital as a day case and gave me IV Iron - this brought it up to 7. I had IV iron every week and there was no real improvement of my Hb - no one seemed too concerned but they did mention the possibility of needing a blood transfusion after the birth. We then moved (military) and the new hospital gave me a different type of Iron by IV and said all was good (without giving me the result). I had the baby and there was no mention of a problem again.

I felt really terrible but put it down to having two small children under 2, etc. Eventually went to my doc who suggested I was depressed and prescribed anti depressants and ordered bloods. My ferritin came back at 4 and my Hb was 9 so I was put back on Iron tablets, fast forward 4 weeks and another blood test, ferritin 4 Hb 9. Referred to Haematologist who called me at home and said he would not see me until GI problems had been ruled out. I had celiac test, endoscopy, colonoscopy - all clear. Time to move house again (!) so doc told me "this may be the way that things are always going to be, have you ever heard of chronic fatigue syndrome?". Thank goodness I was getting a new doctor at the new base!

I went for check in with new doc - had blood work done but not ferritin. Hb was 10, he called me and said that was absolutely normal. I asked about the ferritin and told him the history so he asked me back down to get that checked. It came back at 7. Prescribed Iron tablets again!!!

Excruciating pain behind right rib cage, was told it is probably gall stones. More blood work - increased amalyse 128, HB 10, ferritin 7, ESR 6. Sent for ultrasound to check gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and liver - all clear. Chest X Ray - all clear. Prescribed more iron tablets.

ECG - bradycardia. Blood pressure - very low (didn't give reading to me) Doc not concerned about either of these as indicates a good level of fitness (I would not say I was fit at all!) Repeated bloods ESR 6, amalyse 130, HB 11, ferritin 7.

Referred to haematologist today. Doc says next step will be a surgeon referral for the pain in my side.

I would really really appreciate anyone's thoughts/advice. I feel terrible, look terrible, have extreme hair loss, have gained weight and have this on/off pain in right side (which is not brought on by pressing down anywhere or by movement).

Sorry for the extremely long and boring post :-(

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