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[QUOTE=littleflowerofm;5233892]Hi again - just wanted to update you and let you know that my labs did not show improvement in ferritin (actually went down from 13 (june) to 11.6 (september)) but interestingly, the hair loss has not gotten worse and I would almost say it has improved (maybe). One theory I have is that over the summer, I was playing around with iron brands, dose levels, etc. and lost some ground that way. Having found the one that seems to work well for me, I will be interested to see what the levels may look like in ~3 months time, as I just think it takes months and months to build up ferritin for those with my anemic disposition and also, that any getting "off the wagon" as perhaps my summer experiment could be characterized, can play out with lingering effects on level for some while even while the symptoms themselves (major ones for me: shortness of breath on climbing stairs, ringing in ear, pounding heart, itching skin, hair loss) have started to lessen with my now constant and abiding intake of the same brand/type of iron at the same dose at the same times every day. Also I am trying to remember if the timing on my blood draw was affected by my cycle - post-cycle would be a time that the measure of ferritin might show at its lowest. However, I have added in a proferrin tablet a day as well!!! A worthy tip to at least see how it plays out, so thank you! Two days in only, so we'll see how it affects me but so far nothing in terms of GI distress : ) Will keep you posted on any continuing findings. Wishing you a great and fast re-entry into normalized hemoglobin and ferritin status!![/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear that your levels have declined but glad to hear that you seem to have found the correct supplements that don't bother your stomach. I am taking two of the proferrin daily and I have gotten no stomach upset or constipation from them at all, they are actually easier on my stomach than the Solgar Gentle Iron was. I am hoping to get my levels checked again in a couple weeks and I will report back. By that time I will have been taking the Proferrin for just over a month and was taking the gentle iron for several weeks before that so I am hoping to see some change in my Ferritin. I have not experienced any fatique like I was before, but my hair is still shedding more than normal. thanks for your support, I hope your symptoms disappear soon!!

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