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Thank you so much for the reply. If any doctor tells a woman that a ferritin level of 19 will not make her hair start falling out, they are very very wrong I tell you. Many of them just don't know what they are talking about and it is frustrating to me. Without this board I would know NOTHING about ferritin levels or iron depletion and I'm sure it would take me way longer to deal with this problem without all the valuable information here. This board his been such a great help to me. Yes, my energy is way way up since I started iron supplements several weeks ago and since I already ordered the Proferrin I will just try to take that once my first bottle of Gentle Iron is gone (in a few days) and see if it agrees with me and possibly try the Vitron C if the Proferrin does not work out. I have been scouring the internet and came upon a forum that was mainly visited by female runners and the topic of low iron was very prevalent for them and someone on the site, it sounded as if it was a trainer or nutritionalist, not sure, talked about the proferrin supplement and how it is made from just the Heme iron and is only 12mg per pill but taking two pills daily could get the ferritin way up in about 30 days, so I am going to try it. It is expensive. I ordered it from the Naturalhealthyconcepts website and there are several very favorable reviews of it. I don't except results as quick as 30 days, I'm not crazy, but I would rather not wait a whole year if it is not necessary, Jeeees I already have really thin hair and don't want to keep losing it :( However, the excellent news is that I have already started to get quite a few little hairs growing out near my center part (mainly in front), but my longer hairs are still falling out more than usual. I am just delighted to see more hair growing in so I feel hopeful that this will resolve over time. I know it will take awhile for the iron stores to get up there to where the hair will stop falling out and it makes so much sense that when the levels are low the first thing that more iron goes toward is daily maintenance rather than your hair. One of the things I am trying to figure out is how long I should wait before I demand to get my levels checked again because the doctor said she would only do it every three months and she, of course, didn't seem at all concerned about my hair loss problem. Not sure if I can wait that long. I have been eating red meat and oysters and as many iron laden foods as I can. I have also been doing blackstrap molasses in smoothies in the morning (minus the yogurt or dairy) and they are tasting good. Please let me know what your levels are with the Vitron when you go back to get them checked. I think I am going to keep taking the Andrew Lesserman vitamins as well because, like I said, I already had fine/thin hair and since I am already seeing growth I just want to keep with the iron and Andrew Lesserman and see where they take me. Thanks again and good luck on your anemia journey :)
Please let me know what your levels turn out to be and what you decide about the Proferrin. I'm glad you've seen improvement in your hair. I've been taking Proferrin for two days and no stomach problems. It showed things down a little bit but so was the gentle iron, but nothing my stomach cannot handle. I typically can get heartburn and I had been taking Prilosec, but now, from all the research I have been doing about Ferritin levels, I have discovered that acid medicines can inhibit iron absorption so I'm hoping I don't start getting heartburn again and have to start taking it again :( Yes, it is great that we can share this information. I got my levels checked about a month ago so I think I'll wait another month and go back to get them checked again. I also heard that when you get your levels checked that you shouldn't take iron supplements for several days, so as to get an accurate reading. Not sure if you heard that too, but I will probably try to do that also next time I get checked.
[QUOTE=littleflowerofm;5233892]Hi again - just wanted to update you and let you know that my labs did not show improvement in ferritin (actually went down from 13 (june) to 11.6 (september)) but interestingly, the hair loss has not gotten worse and I would almost say it has improved (maybe). One theory I have is that over the summer, I was playing around with iron brands, dose levels, etc. and lost some ground that way. Having found the one that seems to work well for me, I will be interested to see what the levels may look like in ~3 months time, as I just think it takes months and months to build up ferritin for those with my anemic disposition and also, that any getting "off the wagon" as perhaps my summer experiment could be characterized, can play out with lingering effects on level for some while even while the symptoms themselves (major ones for me: shortness of breath on climbing stairs, ringing in ear, pounding heart, itching skin, hair loss) have started to lessen with my now constant and abiding intake of the same brand/type of iron at the same dose at the same times every day. Also I am trying to remember if the timing on my blood draw was affected by my cycle - post-cycle would be a time that the measure of ferritin might show at its lowest. However, I have added in a proferrin tablet a day as well!!! A worthy tip to at least see how it plays out, so thank you! Two days in only, so we'll see how it affects me but so far nothing in terms of GI distress : ) Will keep you posted on any continuing findings. Wishing you a great and fast re-entry into normalized hemoglobin and ferritin status!![/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear that your levels have declined but glad to hear that you seem to have found the correct supplements that don't bother your stomach. I am taking two of the proferrin daily and I have gotten no stomach upset or constipation from them at all, they are actually easier on my stomach than the Solgar Gentle Iron was. I am hoping to get my levels checked again in a couple weeks and I will report back. By that time I will have been taking the Proferrin for just over a month and was taking the gentle iron for several weeks before that so I am hoping to see some change in my Ferritin. I have not experienced any fatique like I was before, but my hair is still shedding more than normal. thanks for your support, I hope your symptoms disappear soon!!

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