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Whatever the MMA result is, and depending on how soon you get to see the gastroenterologist, I would make sure you get treated for B12 deficiency as soon as possible. However, document your test results because if you see the gastroenterologist after you start B12 therapy subsequent tests will logically show high B12 -- which may give the wrong impression that you never had low B12.

Your iron is very low though and probably the main cause of the anemia (low hemoglobin and hematocrit). That on its own is a good reason for seeing a gastroenterologist (low iron can be caused absorption problems or blood loss in the GI tract). Since you have one diagnosed autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto's), you may be prone to other autoimmune-like disorders of the GI tract such as Celiac disease or Crohn's. Wiki talks about a possible link between Celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and Hashimoto's, which would certainly fit with the low iron and B12.

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