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Markers for B12 deficiency (including serum B12 and MMA) can be unreliable and it is hard to exclude B12 deficiency based on their results. Some labs have a high end of the reference range of 0.26 umole/L for serum MMA. So your MMA could be described as borderline too. If you doctor is pedantic she may refuse B12 therapy, but B12 therapy generally has few adverse effects and I would definitely make sure you get treated. If you don't get injections I would discuss taking 1000/2000umg B12 tablets or sublinguals.

If you have neurological symptoms that can be attributed to B12 deficiency (which is a long list, including numbness and tingling in the extremities, balance issues, cognitive/memory problems, etc etc) you should definitely be treated ASAP. The low iron and anemia will also contribute to your symptoms, but more in the way of fatigue.

Hopefully you will get treated soon (both for B12 and iron). If you have a malabsorption problem, other vitamins/nutrients like vitamin D may be low too.

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