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I've posted a few times about it being odd that my hematologist prescribed Flintstone vitamins for my anemia. When I first saw her back in June my ferritin was down to 5. She thought we'd probably end up doing iron infusions, but had me tested by the GI doc to see what could be causing the anemia first. In the meantime she had me take 2 Flintstone vitamins w/iron a day. All gastro tests came back negative, and she concluded that I'd had some sort of gastro bleed that had corrected itself on its own. (I'm uterus free, so we knew that that wasn't the cause ;)). my last appt my labs were great. I am officially no longer anemic. My ferritin was up to 26. She said she thought I'd feel a lot better once it was up to 100 or so, which she thinks should happen by Christmas time.

I finally asked her what the deal was with prescribing Flintstone vitamins rather than the more traditional high doses of iron supplements. She told me that she had lost a lot of blood after delivering her last baby, and that they wanted to give her a blood transfusion. She refused the transfusion and her OB/GYN put her on Flintstone vitamins instead. It worked for her. She said that about 60% or her patients with anemia cannot tolerate the high doses of iron in most of those supplements, and also that a lot of the iron in those supplements is not absorbable anyway. So she routinely prescribes Flintstone vitamins instead, and gets good results, provided that the cause of the anemia has been addressed.

It worked for me! Seems like a much easier intervention than the typical high dose iron supplementation. I am feeling a lot better these days, and my hair finally stopped coming out in clumps starting about 2 weeks ago. might not hurt to try adding a Flintstone w/iron to your routines (though you should make sure you aren't doubling up on any of the other vitamins or minerals you might already be taking, which could be harmful).

Just thought I'd share my good results and report on finally getting to the bottom of the Flintstone prescription mystery. Best of luck to all of you. Anemia bites! And sometimes you don't realize how bad until you finally start to feel better. :)

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