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Anxiety and worry
Oct 25, 2013
Hi everyone, I was posting on here earlier in the year when I was first diagnosed with low ferritin - April I think. The history was: ok until February when I got a bad chest infection followed by pleurisy - took ages to get over that - around 6 weeks fully - still felt completely awful and was then diagnosed with ferritin level of 11 in April but normal blood iron (can't remember name!). I took three months worth of ferrous fumarate 2-3 times a day and the really bad symptoms (dizziness, nausea, palpitations, breathlessness) subsided except I was still not 100% - very tired, anxious and no energy. At this time I had an internal and external ultrasound which showed a small fibroid which they think is causing my heavy periods. I went back for my August blood test and my level had risen from 11 to 42. As this was "satisfactory" in my doctor's eyes she refused me more iron. I gave it a couple of weeks and went back to see a second doctor who also refused. So I left it until now, October, when I am feeling really quite awful again. I have changed surgeries as I have moved and finally my new doctor is listening to me. So I have another three months of iron now. However she has also given me Citalopram and Propranolol as I have been having lots of panic attacks and anxiety issues after it initially got better with the iron. It has got to the stage where the anxiety and nausea, two things I really badly suffered with in the beginning, are causing me to call in sick at work today. I'm going a bit nuts in my head as I don't know if the physical is causing the psychological or the other way around. And whether the nausea is caused by the Citalopram as I'm on day 4 of taking it and I've felt sick every day so far. I feel in a bit of a hole to be honest. I feel like I've turned into a bit of a hypochondriac! I don't want to be on anti-depressants as I actually think that it's the iron causing most of the anxiety. It's not helping that I have just moved house and onto a boat in an attempt to simplify my life, but trying to fit all that around work, and courses they keep sending me on etc has sent me over the edge into a bit of a mess mentally. Has anyone had experience of any of this? Should I still take these tablets? I'm not depressed! I'm anxious and things like getting on a train to work (I work for a train company) fills me with dread, as does traffic, cities, bustle, crowds etc. I feel I want to hide away until I feel better from the iron, but obviously that could take months. I had the same experience 12 years ago, back then they gave me 6 months of iron but my life was much simpler then and I was able to get through it easier and without pressure or worry from work. Sorry for the long post.. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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