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Possible anemia?
Oct 30, 2013

For the last few years I have been increasing my running and exercise but over the last few months I have no energy to do anything.I am a 35 yr old male.My running has dramatically gone done. I am getting headaches fatigue seem like muscles dont recover and stay sore for awhile also getting a sore tongue.
I just had my blood tests and received a letter from dr saying possible anemia but thats it.

Ferritin(serum) 31 30-250
WBC count 8.6 4.6-10.2 10^3/uL
RBC 4.54 4.69-6.13 10^6/uL
HGB 15.0 13.7-16.5 g/dL
HCT 43.7 43.5-53.7 %
MCV 96.3 80.0-98.0 fL
MCH 33.0 27.0-34.0 pg
MCHC 34.3 31.8-35.4 g/dL
RDW 12.2 11.6-14.8 %
PLT 154 142-424 10^3/uL
MPV 9.1 7.4-10.4 fL
NE% 73.2 37.0-80.0 %
LY% 15.4 10.0-50.0 %
MO% 8.4 0.0-12.0 %
EO% 2.7 0.0-7.0 %
BA% 0.3 0.0-2.5 %
NE# 6.4 2.0-6.9 10^3/uL
LY# 1.3 0.6-3.4 10^3/uL
MO# 0.7 0.0-0.9 10^3/uL
EO# 0.2 0.0-0.7 10^3/uL
BA# 0.0 0.0-2.5 10^3/uL

also my co2 came back high 30 (22-29)

does this sound like some sort of anemia?

Hi ladybug, Just have one more question you seem really knowledgable about this subject thanks. Could low ferritin cause muscles to stay sore longer after working out. Does ferritin help the muscles recover from exercise? Also seems I start to get a headache when I start to exercise seems weird.

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