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Possibly Anemic
Oct 31, 2013
I'll try to keep this short, but I've had issues with fatigue for a very long time.... years. I've been to doctor after doctor and just get thrown some anti-depressants and get brushed off. Things have started getting worse over the last year or so. I started having issues with vision and headaches, numbness & tingling and all sorts of craziness, so I was evaluated for multiple sclerosis and that was ruled out. The fatigue has gotten so bad I can hardly function. My hair is thinning, dry and brittle. Lot of other things going on too.

I started researching thyroid and came across a website that said to have ferritin checked as well as the thyroid hormones & antibodies. I went back and looked at my records online and found that my ferritin was checked back in Oct of 2011 and it was 17! I never knew anything about this and the doctor never mentioned it to me, but now I've been finding that 17 is low. So I ordered another test and I'm waiting for results. My TSH has been tested 2x in the last couple years and was 2.55 and then 2.65 which I've found can also mean a thyroid issue, so I posted about that in the Thyroid forum and orders testing for that as well.

Does this sound like I could be anemic? Seems from what I'm finding online that it is a very real possibility. Here are my results from my last CBC in May 2013:
WBC 10.4 K/mcL (4.0-11.0)
Hgb 13.3 g/dl (11.8-16.0)
Hct 40.0 % (34.0-47.0)
Platelet 247 K/mcL (140-400)
MCV 89 fL (80-100)
RBC 4.48 M/mcL (3.80-5.20)
MCH 30 pg (26-34)
MCHC 33.2 g/dl (32.0-36.0)
Rdw For SRS 12.3 % (11.5-14.5)
Neuts % 70 % (36-68)
Lymphs % 23 % (22-47)
Monos % 4 % (<=11)
Eos % 3 % (<=5)
Basos % 0 % (0-3)
Abs. Neuts 7.3 K/mcL (1.5-7.5)
Abs. Lymphs 2.4 K/mcL (1.0-5.2)
Abs. Monos 0.4 K/mcL (<=1.2)
Abs. Eos 0.3 K/mcL (<=0.6)
Abs. Basos (0.0)

Seems normal, huh? Can hemoglobin be normal with a low ferritin level? I don't quite understand how that works.

While I'm waiting for the results of the iron panel (serum iron, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), transferrin saturation, ferritin) do you have any suggestions for an iron supplement? Any clue what kind of dosage I should start with until I can find a doc that will actually try to help me? I actually ordered Vitron C last night, but then I started reading about Proferrin?

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