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Hello. I am a 26 year old female, in very good health until I started having very odd chest pains, high heart rate, PVCs, tingling/numbness in my left leg and arm. This started in June. I saw a cardiologist, neurologist, and gastro doc in the following few months. All tests came back normal so I decided I would just try to ride it out. In the beginning of September I started to get very odd additional symptoms that I thought were neurological so I went to the neurologist again. He did some other tests including Ferritin which came back as 24. He said that is likely the cause of some of my symptoms. My current symptoms are as follows:

*EXTREME restless legs. I constantly feel like I have ants crawling in my legs. It doesn't hurt, it just feels so weird. It is sort of like the feeling you get when you have low blood sugar, but concentrated in my legs
*Fast heart rate even at rest
*Slight breathlessness
*Trouble concentrating
*Forehead pressure

Tests that I have had done that came back normal:
EKG, Holter, Echo, brain MRI, thoracic spine MRI, upper endoscopy, abdominal CT, chest xray, CBC, thyroid, b12, folate, pancreas, liver, kidney function tests, EMG/NCV.

My questions:
1. Can a ferritin level of 24 (supposedly "normal") cause these symptoms? My RBC, hemocrit, and hemoglobin are normal
2. Has anyone else experienced restless legs from low ferritin? If so, do you have any ideas how to make it better in the short term while I am trying to increase my iron?
3. What is the optimal ferritin level to start feeling well again and how long does it usually take to get there with iron supplements?
4. I know low ferritin can be caused by heavy periods, bleeding in the digestive organs, low iron food intake. What are some other causes? I do not have very heavy periods, my upper endoscopy did not show any ulcers (although it did not look at small and large intestine) and I eat a fairly varied diet although I do tend to stay away from red meat.
5. Any recommendations of iron supplements? My doctor told me to take 1 a day for 2 weeks and then increase to 2 a day after that. She failed to mention how many mgsI bought a slow release tablet that has 45mg of elemental iron (I believe that equivalent to about 140 ferrous sulfate) so after two weeks I will be taking 90 mg elemental. Is that sufficient?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just want my life back!

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