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For starters, I want to apologise for my broken english. I'm 19 years old and I had one problem for years. I could never restore myself fully, I was always tired both physically and mentally, couldn't concentrate in school and that really bugged me, because I'm a good student and I wanted to do good in my lessons and exams. Also, my hair started receding slowly in a male pattern shape and I blamed my fathers genes thinking thats the case. However, my father hadn't had his hair starting to fall out before age of 30 I guess and I'm 19 years old and my hair looks like his at age of 40.

So recently, I've heard that all these symptoms could be a case of hidden anemia so I've made a blood test. The results showed that iron in the blood is ok and everything else seems to be good, however I have very low ferritin.. Can anyone enlighten me about my situation, whats my condition, can i restore my hair and lessen fatigue and how do I do it?

Results of blood test:

Iron umol/l 18,00(11 - 28 is the normal value)
Ferritin ug/l 14,56(30 - 400 is the normal value)

I also have the other things like leukocytes and erythrocytes, but everything else seems to be in the normal range.
Thats how my scalp looks like at age of 19. Something similar.

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