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Hi everyone, I am new to this site but have lingered here long enough to want to post my own issues. I believe that my low ferritin is causing me to have an array of symptoms. Such as joint/muscle pain, shortness of breath, feeling extremely cold ALL THE TIME - sometimes my nails even turn blue. (my boyfriend complains that i have cold feet and hands all the time) I have problems with my memory and concentrating.. fatigued all the time and lastly my hair! Oh my gosh, my hair has been falling out for months. in clumps. i can see scalp, i even have bald spots. I have been complaining about this for months also. In September the doctor told me to take iron pills 3 times a day to raise my ferritin. - she claims that everything else is fine. It is now December and nothing has changed except now i have started my periods which is making the whole thing worse!! (I have PCOS so my periods are irregular, when i do have them they are very heavy.) Anyways, i have gone through two bottles of 25mg iron pills and asked the doctor for another blood test to see if i should take more iron. These are my results

October 11th 2013;
iron - 66
iron binding capacity, unsaturated - 339
total iron binding capacity - 273
transferin % saturation - 19
Ferritin -19

December 2nd 2013;
Iron - 124
Iron binding capacity, unsaturated - 212
total iron binding capacity - 336
transferrin % saturation - 37
Ferritin - 16

* SO YOU CAN SEE THAT MY FERRITIN ACTUALLY WENT DOWN WITH A HEAVY IRON DIET AND IRON PILLS ! Though my doctor thinks that a normal level is 20-300. I think it needs to be way higher.

and the last time i had CBC was September 27th 2013
red blood cells - 4.32
hgb - 13.4
hematocrit - 39.3
mcv - 91
rdw,rbc - 13
platelets - 202

So yeah, she told me to continue to eat an iron heavy diet, which i do.. and to take iron. I am so sick of everything. I told her that i wanted an iron infusion and she said they were dangerous, that i'm not even anemic and that i should see psych for depression. I said, yes i am depressed because no one will listen to me !!! she thinks that all of my symptoms are from stress and depression. the end conclusion was that she told me to continue with the iron and we will test again in 3 months. She said ferritin takes a long time to restore. (i know!!! which is why i want an iron infusion ) I feel that i will never get my levels up because of my period so its always one step forward two steps back ..and when you live daily with these symptoms.. man i just can't take it!

What do you guys think? How can i make her understand that i am serious about this. Should i ask for another CBC since its been a few months? at this point i know my doctor is fed up with me.

I know that i could take BC for my period but i really dont want to. I think its crap for your body. Just like the iron pills.. though i take those anyway because i'm desperate.

Sorry for ranting and yelling in all caps. I'm just very frustrated /:

* I forgot to say that my nails are weak, brittle, and rigid.

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