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I'm SO sorry your doctor is making you feel like this! Just remember that doctors go by normal ranges provided by labs. These ranges are typical, but don't work for everyone, such as yourself. Did you get a FULL thyroid panel, not just TSH? If not, I would recommend it. I just saw a posting that talked about a woman that was put on antidepressants for an entire year before her doctor figured out that she had hypothyroidism. Her TSH was normal, but one of the numbers were off on the thyroid panel. She was taken off the antidepressants and put on Syntheroid (sp?) and is back on track.

I am in a similar position because my doctor is telling me that my laundry list of symptoms (see below) is unfounded because my entire CBC and other tests are normal (cardiologist/colonoscopy/xrays/ultrasound/etc), but my Ferritin is a "3" and HGB is 11.6. She doesn't think my levels are low and told me to take iron when I'm on my period! She clearly doesn't know a thing about ferritin and the consequences of low ferritin. I made a appointment with a hematologist and not by her recommendation. She is pretty "green" (hasn't been practicing long) and has alot to learn! Time to find a new doctor!

shortness of breath
chest pain
extremem fatigue
leg cramps and restless legs when lying down
cold hands and feet with blueish tinted toes
weakness/no stamina
I have tons of hair, but am losing a bunch

Good luck to you!

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