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6 weeks ago I had my physical and my Ferritin and Iron were low.
My Ferritin came back at 10.7
Iron was 60
Doc recommended a repeat test in 6 weeks. I repeated last week and the numbers are worse
Ferritin was 8.7 and Normal is 22 to 32
Iron came back at 31. Normal is 41 to 180
Everything else was normal.
RBC 5.57
HCT 42.5 (interesting because my HCT was high last year at 55)
WBC 9.0
Hemoglobin 14.1
MCV is 76.3 and normal is 80 to 100 so that was just slightly off.
Platelets were good at 290

Doctor is referring me to an hematologist.
What are your thoughts?

Does this point to a serious problem?
Doc asked about colonoscopy. I had one exactly 1 year ago along with an upper endoscopy. All was normal.

Could a colon cancer have developed causing blood loss in the last year?

As a side note: I have been donating blood every 3 months because I am on Testosterone. Initially my HCT and RBC were elevated from the testosterone therapy. So the doc had me do frequent blood donations which I have been doing for 2 years now.
Im hoping its from the blood donations. But when I had this checked 6 weeks ago my results were a better. I haven't donated blog in 2 months so I would think they should be gradually improving post donation, not worsening.

Any thoughts?

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