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I would suggest taking the pills. I started losing hair in July & went to my doctor & then finally a dermatologist. My ferritin was at 13. I'm not vegetarian, but eat little red meat. I thought I was getting enough iron from other things in my diet (grains, cereal, etc), but it wasn't enough. I had been taking over the counter iron pills for months because my doctor said I had low iron, but those weren't enough to keep my levels up. She had me increase to 2 pills and over 3 months my level went up to 23. The last time she gave me a prescription for iron pills. I go back tomorrow to have my level tested again (and I'm hoping it went up by more than 10 points).

There could be something that is making your levels go down or stopping you from absorbing iron (I've read about excess yeast in your system using up all the iron), but I think you need to try the pills first to see if that helps. I had no side effects from the ones I got over the counter. The prescription pills gave me major stomach aches/heartburn on & off for the first few weeks, but that went away eventually. For all I know I may have some other problem that isn't allowing me to absorb iron, but I'm going to keep on the pills for a while to try to get the level up/ stop hair loss.

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