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Hi All,
I went to see a derm because of hair loss. She tested my Ferritin and it was at 19, which she believed was most likely the culprit. She prescribed iron pills, but I was hesitatnt about the side effects and so she agreed to let me try changing my diet first. I had been almost vegitarian for the last year or two so I figured that was the main cause of my low ferretin and I figured that if I drastically changed my diet, I should be able to bring it up at least a little. Anyway, for the past 5 weeks I have been getting TONS of iron in my diet (several servings of red meat and clams per day, eaten with vitamin C) I also cut out caffeine, alcohol, dairy and anything else that might inhibit absorption. After being on the mega iron diet for 5 weeks, my ferrtin has DROPPED from 19 to 6! I'm really confused. I should also mention that the birth control pill I am on makes my periods very light to almost non-existant, so I'm not losing blood every month like many women.

My doc says I just need to take the iron pills, and that I just am not getting enough from my diet. And I am willing to start the pills, but I'm worried that there may be something else going on here. I mentioned possible GI bleed, Celiacs, etc but she really doesn't think I have any of these conditions. She just said take the pills and if they don't help, she'll refer me to a hemotologist.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? I'm not opposed to taking the pills, but I just feel like such a rapid drop in ferritin for no reason has to mean that something else is going on. My doc disagrees and says I'm just not getting enough iron. Thoughts?

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