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I had three rounds of Venofer - it was basically the slow 3-hr process. It was about $1500 per pint of solution...after all of the additional charges for the actual IV and treatment, it was about the cost of having a baby. I think I had to pay close to $7000 when it was all said and done.

When I made my inital appt, I was advised to call my insurance provider to make sure it was covered and to find out how much it would cost because it's pretty expensive.

Sorry you had such a shock in the price!!
[QUOTE=MookieKats;5291561]I've had 4 Venofer infusions so far at Scripps Clinic, and as of right now it looks like each infusion is $378 before insurance. I'll provide an update if there are any additional charges that appear and also to let you know how much by Blue Shield PPO insurance is covering.[/QUOTE]

Is that the entire process, or just the iron solution itself? IIRC, I believe that's about how much the iron solution was, but then adding in the cost of being hooked up to an IV, the nursing services, etc...that amount grew significantly! I hope that is not the case for you!!

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