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Those results are the ONLY numbers I got from the test and from the doctor. The only number that is low seems to be the Saturation thing and only by 2%.
Could that have been because I didnt eat past midnight and the morning of the blood test? Was never told I had to fast or not and my doctor is of no help explaining this stuff. I got a phone call to explain and he was quick about it and was busy, my appt with him is in April and these results would be out of date so to say by then.

This is NOT my primary doctor but my Sleep, Pulmonary doctor. He assigned the Iron, Ferrtin test after I I told him about Restless leg syndrome and that i fight all of the symptoms of anemia, but so does my depression except the random body weakness and hand shakes and random dizzy.

He wants me to take ferrous sulfate 325 (65 FE) MG tablet : 1 tablet 2 times daily IF I can stomach and it doesnt make me sick ( which it most likely will since my stomach is very sensitive. ) Along with 1 tablet daily of 500MG Vitamin C.

All of this just for a 13% Iron Sat when norm is 15-50%

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