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[QUOTE=dorri;5271638]I've been monitored now for over a year for low iron levels. Last month my doctor said my iron level was 6 and that he maybe will set up IV iron for me, but he said he was going away, so he told me to check with him in a month. Well, I did that today and he isn't as concerned anymore because he said my hemoglobin was 122 which I think is pretty good although I have low iron. He said he will check with the hospital to confirm to go ahead or leave it. My problem is that I pant like an old dog when going upstairs and get exerted quickly. I also feel tired and need a nap in late afternoon, something I don't normally do. Can iron deficiency with normal hemoglobin level still cause these sypmptoms or could the symptoms be from something else? I cannot take iron pills because of the irritation they cause in my inflamed irritated gut
I just want my energy back whatever it is.[/QUOTE]

Yes!!! I have normal hemoglobin. Get your ferritin checked. Mineis 6 and my total iron is a 16. I feel awful!!!!!! I won't do infusions. I am gonna order a new iron, I also have stomach issues. Try a natural form by vitamin code called raw iron. Don't give up.

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