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[QUOTE=Aem08;5275298]Hi everyone. I have been so so sick. My dr even admitted me to the hospital for a week thinking I had MS. But everything came out ok. I do have hashimotos which I'm on meds for. My iron % saturation and ferritin were both low. My rbc goes from barely low to normal but my dr said it's just due to menstruating.

I am dizzy, low resting heart rate but shoots up high (120-150) even just walking around the house. Full cardiac workup..heart is ok.

Exhausted...can. Barely stay awake or function.

Headaches, severe sensitivity to light and sound as well as head pressure.

Always cold, thought it was thyroid.

Muscle twitches. Toes, legs, eyelids, temple.

Anxiety, seems to worsen as I'm tired

Can low ferritin and % saturation cause this?

I bought some solgar gentlemiron. It's 25 mg I think. My friend says she takes 5 a day for anemia but that seems high. any advice on how much to take?

My ferritin was 11 and % saturation was 13 and iron was 49.

Thanks so much!![/QUOTE]
I take the Solgar Gentle Iron and I take 4 a day. You cannot compare the elemental iron in the Solgar Gentle to the Rx Iron from your dr because its a different kind of iron.

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